Friday, April 20, 2012

The Servant Leader

Modern politics is obviating the need for comedians although it’s opening up plenty of room for tragedians. Who needs the Three Stooges when you’ve got Rummey, Obomba, Psychozy, & Blare? This week, sleazy war criminal Tony Blare was invited to be keynote speaker at the inaugural World Leaders Conference in Florida. It’s a new group of Christian fundamentalist ministers & rich guys who invited Blare because of his Faith Foundation “promoting respect between religions & to make the case for faith as a force for good in the world”. (Please don’t interrupt this narrative with rude laughter or the sound of throwing up.) Tickets to the two-day invitation only event were priced from $695 to $1,295 apiece & only 400 people were invited. Of great concern to the delusional participants was defining who they are as “Servant Leaders”. (Will you please stop throwing up!) In his speech, which had even the ministers in a coma, Blare, the noted dumb ass & war criminal, said he has a deeper sense of the urgency of dealing with radical Islam since leaving office. He didn’t divulge what methods were more urgent than the bombing & shooting he employed. The assembled elite talked about the need for “transformational learning” so they could become not just more effective leaders but better people. (Please stop retching!) The conference was a cornucopia of such delusional idiocies but the most endearing was its contest for defining a Servant Leader. This beauty only won second place but certainly takes the cake: “Servant leadership is about where your heart is. It begins there, at the center. It is first about being selfless, and acting selflessly. It is being humble, but not timid. It is acting based upon principle and not outcome. The true servant leader doesn’t swim against the current for the sake of swimming against the current, or for adulation, they forge ahead with courage because they know to their core, it is the right thing to do. Servant leadership is the manifestation of the truth through strength, integrity, and character.” (Don’t make me warn you one more time about throwing up!) In response to all this bull, today is officially declared “Hate on Tony Blair Day” & you’re all invited, nay urged, to throw horse manure at his photo. (Photo by Richard Graulich/The Palm Beach Post)

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