Thursday, April 26, 2012

Israeli police to activist reciting names of destroyed Palestinian villages: If you keep reading you will be arrested

An Israeli activist being arrested at an event to commemorate the Nakba on
Israeli Independence Day. His weapon? A history book. (Photo: Activestills)
(For video and more pictures of this event see this post)
The first text message I received around 22:30 read "The cops have surrounded the building, It's quite likely that everybody will be arrested once we try to get out of the door. Alert everybody." The message was sent by a friend of mine, who along with 14 other activists came to the offices of Zochrot (remembering), an Israeli NGO that focuses on commemorating and raising awareness to the Palestinian Nakba, on the eve of the Israeli independence day. They were planning to go out to the street and remind the celebrators the horrible price that was paid and is still being paid by Palestinians for this so called independence.
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