Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bread & circus media-syle

The media preoccupation with what is termed the “Colombian prostitution scandal” typifies everything that’s wrong with the media. Essential news about what is happening to millions of decent people around the world is replaced with this salacious diversion of the “bread & circus” kind. Dozens of reporters are following this “unfolding investigation” not because there’s a story there but to do damage control for the US Secret Service & the Pentagon. Getting to the bottom of the story today has entailed chasing down cab drivers, interviewing in brothels, & posting photos of one of the bikini-clad prostitutes involved. Prostitution is a vile institution which the US military has not only promoted through it’s occupations but has been legally charged with administering (the Subic Bay air base being a case in point). The military is one of the first places young men get introduced to the odious practice of women for sale. This bull & baloney story is phony journalism. It will do nothing to end US officials & military from patronizing prostitution & it’s unlikely to end the careers or effect the pensions of the creeps caught with their underwear down in Cartagena. It may enhance the incomes of a few divorce attorneys but primarily it will function to distract from demanding the US end its occupations which are all fully implicated in fostering prostitution.

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