Friday, April 27, 2012

Housing is a human right

Here riot police turn a water cannon on housing protestors during the demolition of their shanty homes at a location in a south suburb of Manila--most likely Quezon City where residents in the on-going evictions are usually given only a few days to relocate. The battles in Quezon go back years with appeals by residents to the Commission on Human Rights, to the Manila Development Authority (which would send demolition squads), & attempts to the get the Quezon city council to declare moratoriums on evictions until there are enough relocation sites--mind you, not public housing provided to evictees, but empty lots where they can move. Quezon City was identified as the richest city in the Philippines (in 2008) & has embarked on a massive infrastructure program including business parks, IT & call centers, malls, & other projects designed to attract investment. Poor people stand in the way & must be bull dozed out with no place to go. Housing is a human right regardless of the ability to pay.  (Photo by Noel Celis/AFP)

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