Sunday, April 15, 2012

Afghan women respond to emancipation with addiction

As her term as Secretary of State nears an end, media is increasingly filled with tributes to Hillary Clinton along with movie stars & women’s groups feting her for emancipating women in Afghanistan. She’s now lauded as the most respected woman in the US. Has this country become a psycho state? Clinton has paid no role in women’s rights in Afghanistan or the US or anywhere else. She has done nothing to address the attacks on reproductive freedom anywhere. Her sole function has been to preempt feminism as a social movement & turn it into an elite activity conducted at expensive conferences which blow hot air & exclude women from acting on their own behalf. When you put aside hero worship, sucking up to power, & war propaganda, all the evidence speaks for itself. The women of Afghanistan give the most powerful testimony against the shameful lies. Here a drug addict holds her child at a drug rehab center in Kabul. This UN-operated agency can only afford rudimentary addiction treatment despite billions of dollars in aid to Afghanistan & estimates that 60,000 Afghan women regularly consume opiates. Opiate use for recreation & not medicinal purposes is increasing sharply. Massive drug addiction certainly speaks to the euphoria of emancipation felt by women who Hillary Clinton & the US Marines have freed through bombing their homes, mosques, schools, fields, killing & incarcerating their beloved sons, brothers, mates. (Btw, most articles lauding Clinton show photos of fully veiled women to support their propaganda.) (Photo by Ahmad Masood)

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