Saturday, April 14, 2012

A letter to Lufthansa.

"Dear Lufthansa,
I recently learned that you have chosen to cancel flight tickets to people who were flying to Palestine.
Your action was taken per request of the Israeli government, not the Palestinian government. As you may or may not know, Palestine is under occupation of the Israeli government, occupation which is forbidden by the International law, against the Establishing Treaty of the U.N (Sec.2) and in contravention of E.U regulations. Your action only reinforces this occupation, and puts Israel as the de facto border control for Palestine.
I am sure your action is not political and is purely economically motivated, so that your company would not have to fly the 'unwanted' (by Israel) visitors to Palestine back to their country of origin at your expense. I have no doubt that your would comply with other criminal regimes, should that cooperation bring you financial benefit, and that this is not a case of 'pro-Israelisem'.
Regardless, I see this act of yours as vile and despicable, and act that reinforces the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, and I will not be willing to take any part in it, active or passive. Since your actions are financially motivated, my response is financial as well. Please cancel immediately my Miles & More card, I will have no use of it as I will not fly with your company or subsidiaries again. I will also make sure that my friends, family and colleagues will be made aware of your complicity with the Israeli criminal activities and reconsider their business with your company.
Please note that while written within your 'contact form', the contents of this message will be copied and distributed to social media, discussion groups and printed media as much as I see fit.
When your company rediscovers its moral compass and decides to make good on the wrongs that you have done, please notify me so that I could consider flying with you once more, as I did find your services good and comfortable for my needs."

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