Monday, April 16, 2012

US-NATO out of Afghanistan!

After 30 years of war, Afghanistan has created a national industry of orphaned & abandoned children with now two million orphans & about half a million children disabled by war injuries (including land mines). Despite the huge population of war victims, the Afghan government has no social security provisions at all for widows, orphans, or disabled. It operates two major Oliver Twist-esque orphanages in Kabul & about 20 smaller projects elsewhere in the country which care for about 10,000 children in conditions of overcrowding, understaffing, spoiled food, lack of heat, broken plumbing. Non-profits & private agencies run some orphanages but over 600,000 children still sleep on the streets subject to starvation, predation, drugs, human trafficking, violence, & early death. This forlorn child resides in an orphanage in Kabul. Such appalling statistics & crimes against children demand that US claims of emancipating women & children be investigated by the media. Instead reporters are chock-a-block evaluating the ring on Jolie’s finger, Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” parties, & every loathsome detail of the secret service Cartagena-gate scandal of interest only to the prurient & divorce attorneys. Demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all US-NATO troops. And don't waste your trust on Obomba to end this war. He serves the war industry, not the children of Afghanistan. (Photo by Massoud Hossaini)

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