Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The moochocrats go shopping

The horse races were called off for Easter so Betty took Cammy & KKKKaty shopping. Every little damn thing the moochocrats do is considered newsworthy--not just in the UK press but to sycophants everywhere (most notably the US media). The color-coordinated trio were offered tea & when KKKKaty tried to grab a slice of that cake she’s eye-balling, Cammy intercepted & handed her a basket of dog biscuits instead. The poor girl is so hungry they probably never made it home for the dog. For ingratiating services of this nature (keeping KKKKaty from eating), Betty just gave Cammy the highest female title in the imaginary world of moochocratic rank: she’s now a grand dame of some kind, whatever the hell that means. There are no extra duties with the title. Cammy can just carry on betting on the horses.

1 comment:

  1. I'm noy up on these people; can someone please tell me who is what, and if their title/position changed recently, why?