Monday, April 16, 2012

Obama sandbagged in Cartagena

Apparently, the US feels it was sandbagged at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia--not by misbehaving agents but by Latin American political leaders who see their countries torn up by violence & corruption from drug trafficking to the immense customer base in the US. These leaders think legalizing drugs in the US would reduce the crime associated with black market trade, which is the consensus of anybody with half a brain. But when you go up against the black market in drugs in this day & age, you’re going up against international capital & drug profiteering.  As a representative of US capital, Obama argued against legalization for reasons he was unable to publicly state: trillions of dollars in laundered drug monies prop up US & international banking; the “war on drugs” is an invaluable political weapon to attack the Bill of Rights in the Black & immigrant communities (where 4th Amendment protections against illegal search & seizure & probable cause are usurped with impunity). Legalizing drugs is only a small part of the solution to the drug problem; massive health & addiction programs are important along with making the world a suitable place to live in. But to argue that legalization is not part of the solution or claim it will not reduce the extreme violence generated by the black market suggests your mind is all doped up on something a lot more noxious than pot. (Photo of Obama on giant screen by John Vizcaino)

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