Friday, March 12, 2010

" Why all American Jews should now work to close the Zionist chapter of our history"

By Philip Weiss
"When Shlomo Sand published a landmark book on the intolerant nationalism of Zionism earlier this year, and the urgency of Israel becoming a society of its citizens, the New York Times called him a crackpot. But Sand actually knows Israeli attitudes. As does Ynet, which characterizes a poll of Israeli high school students as reflecting "racism":

"More than half of them believe that Arabs should not be allowed to vote in Knesset elections. One out of every six students would not want to study in the same class with an Ethiopian or an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, and 21% of them think that "Death to Arabs" is a legitimate expression."

Nearly every second student would refuse orders to evacuate settlements.


  1. I posted this poll at MJT. No one responded to it. I did get this response:
    ""Hamas' objective"

    Is the annihilation of the Jews and you know it damned well, anand, because it is stated explicitly in their charter. I have linked to it many times despite which you keep on denying it because you think you can con stupid people into believeing your malevolent lies. You clearly share their genocidal goals, else you would not be constantly defending them.

    <span>Posted by: Gary Rosen at March 12, 2010 2:11 am </span>
    "Hamas seems to have changed in recent years"

    They have not and you know it. They have never, ever, not once abandoned their goal of annihilating the Jews. It bears repeating - you clearly share this goal because you are so eager to defend this group which is the most explicitly antisemitic group since the Nazis.
    <span>Posted by: Gary Rosen at March 12, 2010 2:15 am</span>"

    The Hamas Charter has serious problems. Some of the passages are clearly inappropriate and anti-Jewish. Where can I get clarification about Hamas, its charter, and how Hamas has transformed itself in recent years? Is Hamas trying to reform its founding charter?

  2. Direct them to the Likud's charter and let them see what it's all about.....Should we be doing the job for you or what?

    For f...s sake! Why don't you leave them alone?!!!

  4. Have a look at this map and tell me if Hamas is wrong in fighting back, ya genius!