Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ann Coulter speech cancelled after thousands protest

OTTAWA—Security officials have scrubbed American right-winger Ann Coulter’s speech at the University of Ottawa after a boisterous protest prompted concerns for her safety.


  1. Notice how TGIA celebrates when someone's free speech is prohibited by thugs. 

    You see, TGIA has the view that free speech is OK...when he agrees with the words.  Otherwise, thugs rule! 

    He would make a great dictaotor.  Idi Amin aint got nothing oh him!

  2. Oh now we have two racists on this blog; Jemmy the Brit and Fleming. God knows what Fleming is.

    Ann Coulter is a jerk. Wish we could send her to Saudi Arabia. They can keep her.

  3. Jemmy is racist towards whom anan? Be specific and please bring quotes..otherwise what you're saying is diffamation no less!

  4. Where do you see fleming anan? I don't..Ha ha..

  5. TGIA, Jemmy wrote positively about Haqqani on your blog's comment section.

    Sirajuddin Haqqani is an international terrorist, worse than Osama Bin Laden and Zawahiri.

    Siraj is complicit in genocide against Shiites, Sufis, Afghans, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras, Indians, Russians, and Persians.

    Siraj is the heart of the global Takfiri snake.

    Jemmy knows full well that Siraj wants to destroy Afghanistan, India, Iran and Russia. That is the reason Jemmy backs the Haqqanis.

    Jemmy also knows that Siraj is hand in glove with Lashkar e Jhanvi and Lashkar e Taiba, Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), Iyas Kashmiri's 313 Brigade, Headley (who is under arrest in the US for 2008 Mumbai), Lashkar al Zil, and the Chechens.

    LeT by the way has tried to hit the US homeland with terrorist attacks too. And if Siraj got the chance, he would tear London, Sweden, Switzerland, Berlin, Warsaw, Norway, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Turkey, Greece and Portugal to shreds.

    Still Jemmy backs this moron in the hope that Siraj will also bring down the people he hates first.

    What a racist idiot. Haqqani would tear out his heart for all Jemmy's loyalty to him.

  6. The charge of racism because of a difference in opinions about one guy is a serious one. Personally I wouldn't take it lightly..

  7. The great fantasist writes, "Jemmy wrote positively about Haqqani on your blog's comment section."
    Chapter and verse you creep; you are a notorious liar, so if you wish to be believed you tell us where we can read this.
    For the record, I've never heard of Sirajuddin Haqqani, though I believe is someone of this surname prominent in Pakistan. Alim, politician, I couldn't say.
    Just because I despise you, bahinchot, that doesn't make me a racist, unless, of course, you claim to be a race. Thinking back on the inflated claims you have made on these pages, that wouldn't surprise me, you pathetic Walter Mitty. 

  8. Jemmy has defended the Taliban on this blog; and defended attacks on the GIRoA and ANA on this blog.

    When I mentioned Mullah Omar's relationship with Haqqani, he wrote a cynical comment about Haqqani . . . implying that Haqqani wasn't that bad.

    TGIA, can you search for "Haqqani" on your blog's comment section?

  9. For the record, I haven't seen anyone else on this blog defend the Taliban or Haqqani, or openly support violent attacks against the ANA (Afghan National Army.)

    RS has come the closest, but didn't state his support for the Taliban and Haqqani. R.S. asked for proof of Osama Bin Laden's massacre of Shiites in Gilgit Pakistan in 1988.

    R.S. has also written insulting borderline racist statements about the Afghan National Army.

    However, I don't think R.S. did this out of malice for Afghans and the ANA; rather he wrote these words out of ignorance. R.S. knows almost nothing about Afghansistan and Pakistan; probably being a partly secular Sunni Arab leftist with almost no curiousity and interest about South Asia and Central Asia.

    However, I think Jemmy is motivated by malice rather than ignorance.

    How can anyone have any opinion of any sort on Pakistan and Afghanistan if they don't know who Sirajuddin Haqqani is? It is like not knowing who Osama Bin Laden, Zawahiri, and Mullah Omar are.

    Sirajuddin Haqqani leads the most capable militia in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is probably a greater threat than Mullah Omar, Osama Bin Laden, Zawahiri, the head of TTP who replaced Hakimullah, the newest leader of TNSM<span><span> </span></span>and Hekmatyur.

    Jemmy, google your own comments about "Haqqani."

  10. Sorry anan but I don't buy your arguments..You think we are all familiar with your Haqqani dude when we actually hardly ever heard of him but in your mind that makes Jemmy a supporter. I learned early enough that not everything you say is fact-based. You never bring quotes and links and we have to take your wird for it....

  11. I just entered Haqqani in the blog's search engine and the result is NIL.

  12. The search engine doesn't work for comments in the comment section.

    What have I said that is false?

    If you want proof about Syrian involvement in attacks against the Iraqi Army, I can provide you them offline.

    Probably the only proof you would accept would be being told this directly by a current or retired general of the Iraqi Army in Arabic.

    Even then, the Iraqi Government seems to have reached some kind of deal with the Arab dictators to downplay how the Arab dictators created and supported the Iraqi resistance in return for the Arab dictators no longer supporting the Iraqi resistance.

    Since late 2007, the Arab dictators have significantly cut back their support for the Iraqi resistance (Sunni Arab militias.)

    Is there anything else you think that isn't "fact based"?

  13. <span>If you want proof about Syrian involvement in attacks against the Iraqi Army, </span>
    It's NOT what you claimed..You said the Iraqi army DEFEATED the Syrian in a battle..Huge difference from a simple involvement from one or two grads in the Syrian army as you had to correct later.

  14. Onan, you still haven't apologised for calling me a racist, based on no evidence at all. Now you are telling lie after sulphuric, satanic lie without producing one shred of evidence.
    Produce the text or retract your lies. Otherwise I will call on the moderators of this site to ban you from posting.

  15. Forty-eight hours, bahinchot.

    Jemmy, google your own comments about "Haqqani."
    and how is that done without a search facility, lying dog?

  16. Jemmy, you <span>did</span> praise Haqqani on this blog. I don't believe you don't remember.

    Maybe you praised Haqqani because you wanted to irritate me; but you praised him none the less.

    You also supported the Taliban's attacks against the Afghan National Army and Afghan Government.

    When I mentioned the links between Haqqani and the Taliban, you praised Haqqani.

    Why would any Brit back the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and their allies (such as Haqqani) against the Afghan National Army and Afghan Government; unless they were motivated by racism?

    Many Afghans, maybe even most, believe that Britain is backing the Taliban and AQ in Afghanistan. Maybe sess now that the ANA, Afghan Police, and Marines have driven the Taliban and foreign fighters out of Helmand, where the Brits were previously in charge.

    Many Afghans use to wonder out load, how Helmand could be a strong hold of the Taliban. Helmand, one of 34 provinces, has 870,000 people or 3% of Afghanistan's population. Yet Helmand had 45% of all violent attacks in Afghanista in 2008. Keep in mind that the only province given to the Brits to manage was Helmand. [The Afghans new the Brits were deeply incompetent and unreliable.] The only explanation that made sense to Afghans was that the Brits had made a secret deal with the Taliban and Al Qaeda to help them kill the Afghan Government, the ANA and ANP.

    There was also the criminal neglect of Britain in training Helmand's own police. It was as if the Brits were trying to mess them up.

    Look this up on your own, Brit.

  17. "Look this up on your own, Brit."
    You're the one who claims to have seen it, Tom Pepper, let me know when you find someone else who has seen it.
    By the way, are you still sleeping with your sister? Remember how shocked we all were when you boasted of your deviant sexuality on this blog? I advised you to seek psychiatric help. It's somewher in the archive. Just do a search using your name and "incest".

  18. A notorious liar writes -
    <span>"Look this up on your own, Brit." </span>
    You're the one who claims to have seen it, Tom Pepper, let me know when you find someone else who has seen it. 
    By the way, are you still sleeping with your sister? Remember how shocked we all were when you boasted of your deviant sexuality on this blog? I advised you to seek psychiatric help. It's somewhere in the archive. Just do a search using your phoney name and "incest".</span>