Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finkelstein as you've never seen him..Confronting Zionist hecklers' show of tears at Waterloo university

Dr Norman Finkelstein's appearance at the University of Waterloo was a combative one with lots of heckling and cheering throughout the speech. As we've come to expect, he delivered a blistering message on Israel that was the polar opposite of the mainstream mantra
And when an audience member tried to guilt him with a show of tears because he used the "Nazi" word, Finklestein would have none of it. He dismissed her emotional outburst as "crocodile tears.
If you have never seen what Zionism as a pathology does to people, watch the woman at the front..


  1. Just let the guy speak. I cannot stand all that heckling and cheering. Do it after he answers the question.
    Crocodile tears, indeed.

  2. Is there anything as loathsome as this woman's tears? Such obscenity in her expreession turns my stomach. It's all there. We ARE the victims!!

  3. Wow. That is an amazing video.

    TGIA, is it possible that the lady who was crying was emotional and didn't understand the suffering of the Palestinians? I woudln't assume that she was bad in any way.

  4. I consider this to be tantamount to this tear job (below),  and take it as seriously - it is absolutely ridiculous -

    They think they can shame down,  cry down the atrocities with big mouth louts like the idiot in the audience.  Personally I would have just told her to kiss my ass.

  5. Norman handled her amazingly well.

  6. <span> tear job</span>
    That's exactly it..I just cry a river and you'll listen to me and you'll agree with me because I'm "hurt". Emotional blackmail crap..

  7. <span><span>Look anan don't play that thing again and again with your condesceding tone..I'm fed up with you antics..Yesterday you were arguing that Israelis today are not responsible for the crimes of their fathers in 1948!!!! Such stupidity boggles the mind....As if the crimes EVER stopped since then  to this very hour..!!</span> 
    I just wish you could think about what you say BEFORE you say it!</span>

  8. TGIA, I would have spoken to this woman from a place of love, compassion and respect.

    I would have told her that both Palestinians and Israelis are members of her family; and that she should love, care for and cry for both of them.

    At that moment when she was crying like that; you need to reach out to her in a way she can understand . . . reach out to her with heart . . . not with head . . . but with heart.

    Only later, when she calms down, can you speak to her in any other way.

    TGIA, I think that we (you or I or Finkelstein) should treat a woman who is crying in pain with heart regardless of who she is.

  9. "<span><span><span>condesceding tone</span></span></span>" Didn't mean to do that. My apologies.

  10. Maybe the tears were genuine. Finkelstein called his attackers "Nazis" and she realised that she was a Nazi. Nasty shock to the system.