Sunday, March 21, 2010

Israelis are behaving like spoiled rich brats

By Udi Aloni

The terrifying specter of non-violent resistance to the occupation and the apartheid regime is hovering over the State of Israel, and all the state's dignitaries have been recruited to battle it.

This non-violent resistance operates both in areas under Israel's reign of control, in the form of a popular struggle on both sides of the green line, and across the globe, through the Israeli and international affirmative response to the Palestinian call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions on Israel, until it ends the occupation and grants full equality to people from both nations living under its rule.
As an act of solidarity with the subjugated Palestinian people, a group of Jewish Israelis has decided to join those Palestinians who have chosen the non-violent struggle for civic and national justice.
This act has given politically conscientious Jewish Israelis a golden opportunity to join a campaign against their own government without forsaking their own people. Indeed, this act leads the way towards a broader joint struggle with the oppressed people, through a rebuilding of our fundamental human values, enabling us to do away with the friend/foe dichotomy, which lies at the root of Israeli racism and anxiety.


  1. Perceptive. Mustafa Barghouti said that the occupation had corrupted Israelis. Palestinians and their suffering was out of thought and out of mind for Israelis. The Israelis were abusing Palestinians without even being concious of it; or being curious about it.

    Israelis need to be jolted out of their complacency and blissful ignorance.

  2. I don't think occupation corrupted the Israelis..They were already corrupt by an ideology called Zionism..More than corruption it's actually a disease..mostly incurable.

  3. It is the something for nothing syndrome,  and might makes right.  Theycan do what they chose with impunity,  and that is complicity with the rest of the Western nations (and those in their pay).  It is muderous colonialism,  alive and well.

  4. V Bro; Europe is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Power is becoming concentrated in Asia.

    Why your obsession with Europe and the West?