Friday, March 19, 2010

Documenting the destruction of Palestine one bit at a time starting with the village of Um al Shuqaf

(I find it frustrating that the video is displayed cropped at the right side of the screen. Nothing I can do about it unless I change the template( bother!). For a better vision click anywhere on the video and the page will open directly in YouTube where you can even watch it full screen.)

This video is the first in a series that I'll be posting documenting the largely unknown history of the Nakba..It boggles the mind that for more than 60 years few people have been exposed to the Palestinian narrative so overwhelmed they were by the largely hasbaric, propaganda like Israeli/Zionist narrative..As I said, it's going to be one small bit at a time, this is not something that can be digested otherwise..


  1. This is a heartbreaking video TGIA,  and at the same time it is infuriating - showing the systematic cleansing.  This could take up a massive site all by itself,  just this subject,  to expose people to the atrocities that have been committed.

  2. In this site's archives there are close to 600 videos on all subjects related to Plestine including all those documenting the systematic destruction and ethic cleansing of villages and houses..Oral and written history as well.

  3. Yes,  I am familiar with this site,  I have pulled from it myself for evidence.  I particularly like the testimonies to the ethnic cleansing.  The other portions that need more exposure is the physical evidence of civilization,  like money,  the writing of books,  the evidence of commerce,  etc.  All of this combined with the other facts make it a fortress of defense.