Friday, March 19, 2010

Poll: Nearly half of U.S. voters support total settlement freeze

"Almost half of all U.S. voters believe that Israel should be made to cease all settlement construction as part of a future peace deal with the Palestinians, a Rasmussen Reports poll said on Wednesday.

The American institute claimed that a recent poll showed 49% of voters approved of forcing Israel to stop settlement construction, with only 22% of voters disagreeing, saying Israel should not be required to stop building those settlements. Another 29% were not sure."


  1. <span>It would be a much higher percentage if Americans received a more balanced view of the situation from the mainstream media and cable news.</span>

  2. Absolutely, but my impression is that change, like a slow but steady tidal wave is at the horizon..I hope I'm not deludded about this. Just too many signals and signs..

  3. You are right, TGIA. Part of the problem faced by the Zionists is that younger, better educated Jewish folks are really turned off by the ADL extremists and the fundamentalist, violent settlers. The supporters of fanatical Zionism in the U.S. are getting old and dying off, and not finding too many takers willing to step into their shoes. The government continues to be a problem -- but really, future administrations could learn from the lesson of Papa Bush (of all people) who did take strong action against Israel and let the American people decide if that was a good idea (which they did). He backed down later but it was a memorable moment -- and I am far from a Bush fan, pere or fils.