Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finkelstein on Israeli propaganda (from the Angry Arab)

"Norman Finkelstein sent me this (I cite with his permission): "I was rereading the Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center's 350-page response to Goldstone: Hamas and the Terrorist Threat from the Gaza Strip: The main findings of the Goldstone Report versus the factual findings. It is such an embarrassment that you almost -- I said almost -- begin to feel sorry for the authors. Because you have read the Goldstone report I thought you would particularly appreciate this. You will recall the harrowing passages in the Goldstone report of Palestinians forced to kneel blindfolded and handcuffed in sandpits surrounding Israeli tanks that are firing away or moving back and forth. So, listen to what this Israeli report conjures up: "Hamas operatives would position innocent civilians near IDF tanks to prevent IDF soldiers from shooting at them" (p. 196). You get it: a "Hamas operative" drags a Palestinian civilian in front of an Israeli tank and then says: "You stand right here to make sure the Israeli tank squad doesn't fire at us." (No doubt the tank squad obliged and stood idly by.)"
It's hard to believe, I know, but this is just a little tiny sample of more than a 60 years worth of unimaginable lies and fabrications..Like in this story for example:

"A Palestinian who was imprisoned for a week says members of the Border Police beat and abused him for hours, then accused him of attacking one of them."

"Attacking one of them"!! Now that one was very hard to come up with, wasn't it?