Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Palestine is entering the mainstream in Australia

"Australia’s 60 Minutes program is a tabloid current affairs program that seems to take an unusual interest in the Middle East conflict.
Last Sunday they featured a piece about the economic and political isolation of Gaza. It didn’t pull any punches and outlined fairly accurately the reality of the situation under brutal Israeli and Egyptian bombardment(sic)."
Antony Loewenstein


  1. Good for the Aussies. Don't forget that country produced the brilliant and unstoppable John Pilger.

  2. Let's hope that Oz and NZ expel some Mossad spies/diplomats. Keep up the pressure.

  3. Nice to see some Aussies are starting to care for the Palestinians.

    Israelis say that if America drops its long time friend and partner under the bus; it would reflect badly on America. America would be disloyal to Israel; and other friends of America would distance themselves from America because America is unreliable.

    What is the best response to this?

    Looking for some insightful answers. Not dumb answers from not so smart Brits.

  4. No need to expell  said some minister, Jemmy..But the expulsion from Britain was all over the news yesterday.

  5. "Is this another 'unfortunate' mistake? Is this another 'misunderstanding?'" said Cabel, a member of the Labor Party, which sits in the governing coalition.
    <span></span>"Netanyahu decided to spit into Obama's eye, this time from up close. He and his pyromaniac ministers insist on setting the Middle East ablaze."

  6. Having said that:

    Report: Australia may expel Israeli diplomat over Dubai hit
    <span>Australia is expected to follow the lead of Britain, which ejected an Israeli diplomat Tuesday over the alleged use of forged passports by suspected killers of a Hamas commander in Dubai, The Australian newspaper reported quoting Israeli government officials.

    "It appears Israeli officials have received indications in Canberra that Australia is preparing to expel a diplomat," the newspaper reported. </span>

  7. anan,

    The first fallacy is that Israel is  "good friend" to the US. This is doubtful in the extreme, given the way it steals our technology, spies on us, and incites us into useless and criminal wars. US support of Israel can be linked to the 9/11 attacks, massive IP theft, and a host of other problems. So the very idea that Israel is a "loyal ally" is hokum to begin with.

    That aside, the US, like every country, has to put its own interests first. And lately, Israel's actions have increasingly threatened US interests. If America continues to prop up this violent, apartheid regime, it will become a pariah just as Israel is fast becoming.

    Other countries cannot wait for the US to drop Israel like a bad habit and make some new friends. If it did so, the US would find much more amenable and loyal allies the world over.

  8. Been making arguements similar to yours. It really seems to scare the bejeezus out of the friends of Israel.

    America already is close friends with Turkey and Iraq. I think America should bet the farm on an alliance with Turkey and Iraq; since they are America's most important middle east allies.

    Iraq asked America to transfer 134 F-16s and 112 F-15s to the Iraqi Air force from the US Air force.

    This Iraqi request has not been met; perhaps in part because of the Israeli lobby.

    The Israeli lobby is harming American interests.