Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Government ( UK) names most influential 'pro-Islamic' bloggers. (Angry Arab in 3rd place!)

Counter-terrorism research reveals network of pro-Islamic bloggers is smaller and less cohesive than anti-jihadist community

"The top 20 list compiled as a "snapshot" in 2008 includes several based outside Britain but posting on UK politics in English. The top five sites listed are Ali Eteraz, Islam in Europe, the Angry Arab News Service, Indigo Jo Blogs/Blogistan and Daily Terror. Ali Eteraz is the author of Children of Dust – a memoir of Pakistan that was named on the New Statesman 2009 books of the year list – and has been a regular poster on Comment is Free."


  1. What's Ironic is that "Angry Arab" is atheist, not islamic.

    TGIA, did you see this clip of Israelis insulting America, President Obama Messiah, and Palestinian Israeli citizens (see the end of the you tube)?

    What chumspa!!! How can they kick around America and their own people (Israeli citizens!!! :(     ) like this?

    I am showing this to the folks at Totten. America has to learn to stand up for itself. How can Israel kick America around like this and still demand to be treated like a friend and ally?

  2. I know America is increasingly seen as irrelevant, less powerful, and less influential around the world. I know that many countries around the world have increasingly kicked America around for some time . . . although this cascaded during the Bush Cheney years.

    Maybe America isn't powerful enough to affect Israel that much any more. Maybe Israel's relationship with China, India, and Brazil matter more than Israel's relationship with America.

    All that is well and good. Good for Israel if Israel dumps us Americans for her new friends.

    But isn't there such a thing as gratitude? I know Israel doesn't need America's $3 billion in aid anymore and wouldn't care much if America cut it off. But America saved Israel's bacon in 1967 and 1973. If not for America, Israel would to this day be under Egyptian, Syrian, and other foreign occupation.

    If not for America, could Israel have become the world's greatest free market high tech capital; with the highest level of VC investment in the world? Could Israeli universities have prospered without American help?

    Granted Israel no longer needs America . . . but isn't Israel at least a little grateful?

    To this day Europeans (especially Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Danish, Norwegians) and Japan and grateful for America's Marshall Plan. To this day, Koreans are grateful for America's role in helping Korea in 1950-53; and facilitating South Korea becoming a great global high tech leader. Taiwanese are also grateful.

    Why are Israelis so ungrateful?

  3. I already posted it when it was out a few months ago. This is only the tip of the iceberg..  you haven't seen anything yet..If they hate Obama as much just think how much they would hate a Palestinian..

  4. <span>Why are Israelis so ungrateful?</span>
    You should ask Totten.

  5. Intend to ask Totten's readers.

  6. Good idea..Expect insults..heaps..

  7. Indeed. Tons of insults.

    I'm delighted that the irate one made it into the Top Five. I've tried to explain his appeal to the uninitiated but I fail to convey it. Glad to know I am not alone in appreciating him :)

    Check this out from Glenn Greenwald. The "special relationship" is becoming a little less special. From an article about the difficulty AIPAC may have begging for Israel's yearly allowance from American taxpayers...

    ...the same "American taxpayers" who are now being told that they have to suffer cuts in Medicare and Social Security because of budgetary constraints, who are watching as the most basic social services (the hallmark of being a developed country) are being rapidly abolished (from the 12th Grade to basic care for children, the infirm and elderly), and are burdened with a national debt so large that America's bond ratings are being degraded by the minute.  Why should those same American taxpayers bear the enormous costs of Israel's military purchases (as Israel enjoys booming economic growth)?  Especially if the issue is presented as cleanly and honestly as Scherer did here, and especially if Israel continues to extend its proverbial middle finger to even the most basic U.S. requests that it cease activities that harm American interests, how much longer can this absurdity be sustained? 

    On a related note, a new Rasmussen Poll found that only 58% of Americans now view "Israel as an ally" -- down from 70% just nine months ago.  The same poll found that 49% of Americans believe Israel should be "required" to stop building settlements, with only 22% disagreeing.


  8. Bear in mind, folks, this is according to the UK government, which probably means from Rupert Murdoch via Downing Street.

  9. Pro-Islamic??  LOL

  10. DO. Not good news for the Angry Arab I'm afraid. It's the counter terrorism agency who's done the "research" and it means that he's now under intensive scrutiny..

  11. Oh dear, I didn't read it carefully! Thanks for correcting me TGIA.