Friday, March 26, 2010

Look at this headline ( BBC ) ! : "Israeli troops killed in Gaza border clashes"

Two Palestinians were also killed in the "clash" but that's not worth a mention until further down in the article.

"Two Israeli soldiers have been killed during clashes with Hamas fighters on the Gaza Strip's southern border, the Israeli army has said.

Two other soldiers were wounded during the fighting which broke out east of the town of Khan Younis.

Two Palestinian militants were also killed in the clashes inside the Gaza Strip, sources say.

During the clashes, a BBC correspondent says it appears there may have been an opportunistic bid to seize a soldier.

According to Palestinian sources, Israeli forces used tank shells and heavy machine guns, our correspondent adds."

BTW, in an Haaretz article you discover that the Israelis were 500 metres INSIDE Gaza, but that fact doesn't seem important enough to mention in the BBC article..


  1. "Yesterday morning, we joined with a number of media activists in sending complaints to the BBC. We emailed Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen. We asked Bowen why BBC News so often channels the Israeli version of events without proper scrutiny. We pointed out that, in contrast to the BBC, other news media had given the tragic killings of Mohammad Qadus and Osaid Qadus significant prominence, while also providing strong evidence that directly contradicted Israeli claims. For example, the Palestinian Ma'an news agency reported that the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem had obtained an X-ray of Osaid Qadus's body that refuted the Israeli army's assertion that 'no live bullets were fired'. "

  2. It's good to hear that Jemmy..Thanks..I posted that photo by the way..It show that the bullet penetrated  the skull from the BACK.

  3. It is important to reach a cease fire ASAP. Then pursue justice through nonviolent means.

    The Palestinian National Security Forces and Hamas fighters are not yet ready to fight the IDF mono a mono.

  4. Then they'll have to fight them stereo a stereo - FOOL!
    Found the legendary Haqqani posting yet? Maybe you saw it quoted in Jacques Botul's magnum opus.

  5. <span> stereo a stereo </span>
    A good one. lol.