Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama won't restrain Israel - he can't

Rupert Cornwell-The Independent
His error has been not to think through the clout of America's pro-Israel lobby
All you can say is, we've been here before. "Who the **** does he think he is? Who's the ******* superpower here?" Bill Clinton spluttered in fury to his aides back in 1996. The "he" in question was Benjamin Netanyahu, then as now the Prime Minister of Israel.
Barack Obama, a cooler character than the last Democrat to be president, may not have used quite such salty language about the behaviour of the current Netanyahu government that has so incensed the US. One thing though may safely be predicted. Mr Netanyahu will get away with it.

I wasn't aware of Bill Clinton's salty words but this raises the question. How could he, Clinton, knowing what was going on, go on with an unrelented ass licking that caused so much harm to the Palestinians and others in the region for so many years..The lobby and its influence can't be the sole explanation for this phenomenally obscene display of cowardice ..


  1. "And there we have it. The settlements in East Jerusalem will go ahead whatever the US thinks. The proximity talks, even if they do proceed, are doomed in advance. And next week AIPAC holds here what it bills as the largest policy conference in its history. The Israeli Prime Minister will be in town to address it, so will Ms Clinton.
    President Obama however will be about as far away as possible, on a long-planned visit to Indonesia and Australia. And probably just as well. Grovels, even the most elegant grovels, are not an edifying spectacle."

  2. TGIA, the Messiah is trying. Give him a little credit.

  3. Look at the timeline of the Lewinski Scandal. That's how they got Clinton. Let's hope BHO is more careful and wiser than that.

  4. I didn't write the article, only the comment which refers to Clinton.

  5. And every time you refer to Obama as the messiah, you show how disconnected you are, from SANITY...

  6. But Ma'an,  Clinton wasn't doing much to upset them..Correct me if I missed something..

  7. "Yes we Can!"

    Sounds nice on the ears :)

    OK, so he isn't Jesus reborn. Touche. I call him Messiah partly in jest. He is pretty cool though. :LOL:

  8. <span><span>I call him Messiah partly in jest.</span> 
    Only partly, it seems..</span>
    <span>BTW, "The funniest jokes are the shortest  ones" (French saying) and this one has been going on for a while..

  9. Above is me

  10. "Who's the ******* superpower here?"
    You are, but no one would guess it when they see you grovelling to Eresatz Israel.

  11. America is much more powerful and successful than the UK. So are India, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, France.

    Soon Brazil and other great powers will eclipse Britain too.

  12. How how we coolies hate the Bilayuti sahibs. Let us hide the shame of having kissed their feet.