Friday, March 26, 2010

Beastly and cruel: Jerusalem Family ordered to Pay Expenses of Eviction from their Home

The Jerusalem Center for Social and Economical Rights (JCCER) reported that the Israeli occupation government police handed Wednesday a Palestinian family from East Jerusalem an order to pay 13.000 NIS, demanding family members to pay the expenses of their eviction from their home.

Members of Majed Hannoun family, from Shaikh Jarrah neighborhood, were forced out of their home last year and were replaced by fundamentalist Jewish settlers.

But now, the settler-run Jerusalem Municipality is asking the family to pay 13.000 NIS for the expenses of the workers who removed them from their homes, and for equipment the municipality used during the evacuation.

The Research and Documentation Unit at the JCCER reported that two other families who were also forced out of their homes in Sheikh Jarrah last year, fear the same measure would be taken against them.

The families of Maher Hannoun and Abdul-Fattah Al Ghawi were forced out of their homes and fundamentalist settlers threw their furniture and belongings in the street

The Jerusalem municipality later moved the furniture to a square in front of the City Hall building in Shaikh Jarrah.

The two families are now living in tents and fear that Israel will also attempt to oblige them to pay the expenses of their evacuation

The Jerusalem Municipality repeatedly removed the tents and tried to force the residents our of Shaikh Jarrah.

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