Friday, March 19, 2010

The plight of the bedouins:construction ban forces Yatta children to learn in tents

Hebron – Ma'an– A collection of Bedouin settlements in Area C southeast of Yatta has tried for years to obtain the necessary permissions for the construction of small school building for some 40 students who until now have been schooled in a tent.

The south Hebron hills were settled by several Bedouin communities in 1948 when they were expelled from their traditional grazing lands. They largely maintain a Bedouin lifestyle, but are confined to small areas in the hills.

As the population of the Bedouin communities grew, families became increasingly adamant that their children receive schooling under the Palestinian system

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  1. The cruelty is amazing,  not even affording the smallest of needs.  All showing the intent of eventually moving these people again,  or to make them move out of the region.  Such petty attempts to remove transportation in order to isolate and condemn,  so they cannot even begin to bring about a sense of community.