Saturday, March 20, 2010

Protests Engulf The West Bank And East Jerusalem

Since Israeli authorities blocked checkpoints connecting Jerusalem with the West Bank, coinciding with the announcement of 1,600 new illegal settlement constructions and plans to renovate Hurva synagogue, chaos has disfigured the holy city. In the Old City, Eisawiya, Shu’fat Camp, Wadi Al Joz and Qalandiya young Palestinians have been and still are loudly defying the latest attempts to eradicate them from their capital. Despite a record number of soldiers, policemen and secret operatives working around the clock to crush protests, the streets remain crowded with young men and women whose determination to resist humiliation and racism outweighs their fear of brutal punishment.

Meanwhile the popular resistance has lent its support to their efforts. People of Bi’lin ignored the occupation forces’ declaration that their homes are to be considered closed military zones. Again the crowds marched peacefully through the streets to the apartheid barrier, shouting the undying message: This is our land. The Israeli statement was proved hollow. Soldiers scarcely opposed demonstrators and no arrests were made. It will take more than sheets of paper to break the resolve of people who have been shot, robbed and terrorised for generations.

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