Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oxford students: Our protest of Ayalon was a massive success

The official report of Oxford University’s Palestine Society on last night’s demonstrations against the speech by Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon:


  1. Nothing to be proud of here. Sounds like the kind of behavior of  religious zealots in the MIddle East who close down any free discussion through  thuggery and intimidation.
    This was the OXFORD UNION, folks. It has a history that should be respected. There was a Q & A scheduled. None of this, no matter who is doing it, is anything to celebrate.
    From another eyewitness:

    “Death to the Jews” - at the Oxford Union

  2. Beyond the hosting of Ayalon, and his outrageous remarks, the real scandal of the evening was the thuggery of Ayalon’s security staff.

     What a silly comment. The security staff belonged to Ayalon NOT the Oxford Union. I do not see how that reflects on the Union.

  3. Revel? Oh dear. The alleged attack happened on the street not in the Union. The students should press charges if it happened. Take it up with the Oxford Police and the Israeli embassy. Perhaps you could represent the students?

    <span>but strangely, vza, you never comment or express outrage about palestinian or arab suffering.</span>

    Not true, and the archives can prove it. This event in Oxford is hardly an example of Palestinian and Arab suffering.

  4. Ignore the nay-sayers, keep up the pressure.

  5. Clearly, you are of the persuasion that when all else fails, invoke the White Man ploy. Of course, I am then to be so intimidated that I will either grovel and claim it ain't so, or I will shut up? Why oh why does this powerfully remind me of  cartoons and Salmon Rushdie? 

    My orginal comment was about the speech interrupted inside the Oxford Union. It is not up to you to decide what I should or should not comment upon.

    Gee, let me try this one. You made a comment recently about how funny you thought it that the smugglers stopped for pictures. You did not spare ONE thought for the poor traumitized cow? (Shudder) Heartless, I say!

  6. I am sure you did feel sad for the cow, I am just joking! I do not doubt that you are a good person who cares a great deal. Please afford me a mere modicum of the same regard...even though we disagree!

    I was not against the protest..just the methods. I would be impressed with a dramatic protest at the beginning of the speech and a peaceful exit. It is simply not their right to deny the rights of the speaker and the members of the audience who did want to listen to the man. Did you know that Yasser Arafat spoke at the Oxford Union? And George Galloway and assorted other anti-White Man sort of people? Tariq Ali was once president of the Oxford Union. No one prevented them from speaking.

  7. <span>how can you put him in the same category as those people?</span>

    <span>??? I think I am lost.  Him, who? the cow?