Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who picks up the pieces seven years after the Iraq invasion?

"The Iraq war receives far too little media coverage these days. The “good war” in Afghanistan is leading the bulletins. But reading about this document from an American army medic back from Iraq, the atrocities by the Americans remain largely unknown.

ABC yesterday featured a story and news report about the massive refugee crisis in Jordan, countless men, women and children unable to return to Iraq and trapped in limbo. Many will want to come to Australia:"
Antony Loewenstein


  1. var ad_id_array = new Array(); Medic takes a gritty look at his time in Iraq in acclaimed memoir

  2. Who picks up the pieces?  Definitely not our Arab "brothers".


  4. You are right IM,  there are no pieces to pick up,  everything has been pulverized to powder.