Friday, February 19, 2010

Gallup (US) image contest. Canada first, Iran last

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Favorable views of Russia, Palestinian Authority up slightly; views of Iraq down

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  1. This is what I have called the elite use of polls.  The polls are only taken after long periods of propaganda have been foisted on the American public.  It has been non-stop shit about Iran for years,  as an example - they just want to see if they are doing a good job of poisoning the well -


    There are few methodologies that get used with such cynicism as polling. The majority of the population, particularly in the United States has no idea how and why polls are used by those who think they "know whats best for us," or should I say for themselves.

    Polling was introduced by the PR industry as a tool for the control of the people, it is a "science" for measuring the direction or intent, the will of the people. What many do not understand is that he (or those) that controls the environment, what people see and hear, control the will of the people.
    I am going to tell you EXACTLY what the purpose of polls are in the United States - in the sense of how the dominant media uses them. Granted, there are polls which are what you might call contrary polls, in the sense that they ask full questions, to a major and fair portion of the population, for the purpose of enlightening the people - but they are few. I am not saying if polls are good or not, I am just asking what are polls good for?

    Always before a major poll is launched by the corporate media, there is a major campaign of concentrated propaganda repeatedly voiced through the major (major in the sense of the monopoly) media sources - national, such as NBC CBS CNN FOX, etc. Why? Because they wish to set a precedent of opinion, that is they try to garner authority through the majority, which has been influenced by the said propaganda blitz. This is layered, and can go on for a long period of time, to make sure that the right message is embedded in the psyche of the population.