Friday, February 19, 2010

There is an Information War Going On and Israel is Fighting Dirty

"Israeli media is by far on Israel's side, well the far right wing side. They are unashamedly fighting an information war, well to be precise, they are fighting against the facts presented by human rights organizations by either twisting those facts or attempting to divert attention away from them with lies, propaganda and character assassinations.

Now you can add something else to that list: Natural disasters.

Israels second largest newspaper ran an opinion piece with an opinion which if held by the majority of Israel and worse yet, if actually true demonstrates one of the most ill intentioned acts of good ever done in the history of humanity. The article was on the Israeli Haiti relief effort and how it was ‘good’ for Israel from a PR standpoint":
"I must admit that I would not be surprised if the image aspect of setting up a hospital in Haiti, as well as the IDF rescue efforts, was given greater weight than humanitarian considerations. If I am right, then finally, someone in the Knesset has done the right thing, deciding to take advantage of the opportunity to prove to the world how kindhearted and capable we are."

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