Thursday, February 25, 2010

28 agents to kill ONE person!

Was Mossad on a fantastic adventure in Dubai?
The story just gets more and more complicated, which on its face at least leads us into territory that is more than amazing - wild even - which is hard to judge by rational and professional means.

Twenty-six agents, perhaps even 30, sent to assassinate one person?


  1. Something of a junket to the Dubai tourist trap, with a little homicide thrown in.
    Is my memory correct that the only Israeli passport-holder to be granted a visa for Dubai was a tennis player? Maybe those tennis racket toting assassins on the cctv footage were sending a coded message about their nationality.

  2. The Brits failed miserably in Helmand, Afghanistan.

    Helmand only has 835,000 people out of 33 million Afghans. It was doing okay in 2005. Then the Brits showed up in 2006 and all hell broke loose.

    By 2008, 45% of all violence in Afghanistan was in Helmand even though helmand had 2.6% of all Afghans.

    ANA and ANP were being murdered left and right while the Brits were sitting in their bases doing God knows what. Maybe backing the Taliban as many Afghans believe?

    Today the ANA is triumphant in victory in Helmand. Violence in Helmand is way down. The ANA won. The ANA has fixed the mess that the great British empire created.

    What is wrong with the Brits?

  3. What has this got to do with the topic or with what Jemmy posted?
    Please explain.

  4. I am sorry but there is more to this then what is being joked about. These people deliberately looked at the cameras, deliberately smiled, one even waved. This was part of the plan, imo.

  5. The licenced clown and resident racist  is trying to wind me up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.