Friday, February 26, 2010

SOCIALIST NIGHTMARE! The United Kingdom has the best preventative health care in the world.

Percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) spent on health care: 8.3

Average family premium: None; funded by taxation.

Co-payments: None for most services; some co-pays for dental care, eyeglasses and 5 percent of prescriptions. Young people and the elderly are exempt from all drug co-pays.

What is it? The British system is "socialized medicine" because the government both provides and pays for health care. Britons pay taxes for health care, and the government-run National Health Service (NHS) distributes those funds to health care providers. Hospital doctors are paid salaries. General practitioners (GPs), who run private practices, are paid based on the number of patients they see. A small number of specialists work outside the NHS and see private-pay patients.


  1. The Brits spend about 35% as much per capita on health care compared with the US. Their quality is pretty good relative to what they spend.

    The Brits are okay in health care. But that still doesn't justify what they did to Africa.

  2. Anan, let's face it..You're a racist...

  3. TGIA, the Brits have caused far more suffering than the Israelis have around the world. Do you deny this?

  4. Not that this in any way justifies Israeli abuse of Palestinians.

  5. What on earth are you talking about, anan?

  6. Best healthcare in the world? Once upon a time maybe. I have heard that Germany's is better. Our health service is being constantly undermined by politicians who are trying to hand it over to the private sector without inciting riots. At the same time every party leader at election time states, hand on heart, "Our wonderful health service is safe in OUR hands." Damned liars!
    The UK NHS is being dismantled piecemeal by politicians and Whitehall mandarins who are rewarded with well paid sinecures with private health care providers. If only there was a hell for them to rot in, or an angry mob to lynch them.

  7. VZA, TGIA called me a racist because I talk about British atrocities.

    Don't many people on this blog talk about Israeli atrocities? Why is it okay to talk about Israeli atrocities but not British atrocities?

    This said; the Brits have a decent health care system. The Brits also allow patients to get medical care done in India to save the health service money.

    I hope America did the same thing. America spends close to 3 times as much as Britain on health care per person; and America's outcomes are comparable to British outcomes. Doesn't speak well for America's health care system.

  8. You ARE a racist, bahinchot, you blame the whole of the British people for the crimes of their ruling caste. That's racism, fool. Do you blame vza for the destruction of Fallujah? Or praise her for it, as you probably approve of that war crime. When those sepoys opened fire on protesters at Amritsar were they British racists? I repeat, FOOL!

  9. <span> Why is it okay to talk about Israeli atrocities but not British atrocities? 
    Which ones precisely so we can join and blame Jemmy for them...

  10. Let me guess, in November, 2004, Jemmy the imperialist Brit supported the Syria/Jordanian/Egyptian/Saudi backed Sunni Arab militias in Falluja against the 1st Iraqi Army Division.

    How typical.

  11. <span>"Let me guess" - we let you, Onan, then marvel at the degree of error one guess can incorporate. Saudi AND Syrian militia - yes I can see these two régimes collaborating.</span>
    <span>Let ME guess, you do approve of the destruction of Fallujah and the use of napalm (rebranded "white phosphorus") on a civilian population. Bapuji would be proud.</span>

  12. Syria and Saudi Arabia did collaborate to defeat the elected legitimate Iraqi Government that they both hated. Syria and Saudi Arabia collaborated to support attacks against the Iraqi Army they both feared.

    They are both responsible for what heppened in Falluja. The Sunni Arab militias they supported fought with the 1st Iraqi Army Division.

    The racist imperialist Brit cheared on the Sunni Arab militias against the 1st Iraqi Army Division.

    Bapuji abhored all violence. He said that the Jews should have commited a type of group suicide during the holocaust. Gandhiji also said that the British shouldn't fight the Nazis, but welcome them to their homes in Britain. Then gradually over many years practice Sathya Graha to win their freedom the way Gandhiji was in India.

    Gandhiji believed that for Sathya Graha to work, it was important to fill you heart for love, compassion and respect for your enemy.

    This is why Gandhiji loved and respected the British so much. He wanted the British to leave India as friends.

  13. <span>Did this phantom army of Syrians and Sa'udis deploy white phosphorus? 
    I await the definitive work on this fighting force, "The Phantom Warriors of Fallujah", by Onan Lal Bhujjigar, with a foreword by Bernard-Henri Lévy and Jacques Botul.</span>