Saturday, February 27, 2010

John Pilger: Listen to the heroes of Israel

"In October, Rami and Nurit sat in the Israeli High Court while the state counsel, “stammering, unprepared and unkempt,” wrote Nurit, “stood like a platoon commander in charge of new recruits and refuted... the allegations”. Salwa and Bassam Aramin, Palestinian parents, were there, too. Tears streaked Salwa’s face. Their ten-year-old daughter Abir Aramin was killed by an Israeli soldier firing a rubber bullet point-blank at her small head while she was standing beside a kiosk buying sweets with her sister. The judges seemed bored and one of them remarked that Israeli soldiers were rarely indicted, so it would be best to forget it. The state counsel laughed. This was normal.

“Our children,” said Nurit at a rally last December to mark the anniversary of the Israeli assault on Gaza, “have learned this year that all the disgusting qualities which anti-semites attribute to Jews are actually manifested among our leaders: deceit, greed and the murder of children... What values of beauty and goodness can we squeeze into such a sophisticated apparatus of brainwashing and reality distortion?”


  1. This is a great story TGIA,  now if we could get the rest to remove their heads from their asses in the states it would be a fiat acompli

  2. <span> now if we could get the rest to remove their heads from their asses in the states </span>
    A tough task..but one cannot afford the luxury of pessimism on this issue...Those in control of the MSM in the US need to be exposed ( see the post below for example) many are doing just that, but you know that.. So there's a glimpse of hope that Americans, painfully slowly would come to understand  how they've been manipulated and duped for so long..But it's going to be a very long battle I'm afraid, the beast  has got what it takes, I'm afraid..

  3. <span>"there's a glimpse of hope "</span>
    You really think the Flemings of the US are capable of comprehending. 

  4. <span>No, not the Flemings..The intelligent, decent ones..</span>