Thursday, February 18, 2010

Remember Chagos? The Chagossians will not be allowed to go back to their homes.

The Chagos archipelago – where conservation meets colonialism

Islanders expelled from their homes in the 1960s won't be welcome back under plans to convert the idyllic archipelago into a 'nature reserve'
"This is bad news for the Chagossians, who were removed from the islands by British naval vessels almost half a century ago, so that the US could establish a large air base on the largest of the islands, Diego Garcia. The Chagossians have always wanted to return, and two years ago they published detailed plans to go back to some of the more distant islands of the archipelago."


  1. weird I swear i read that they WERE allowed to go home , i saw it sometime ago (last year ?) on A UK tv and i saw them smiling and thanking god outside a UK court . what happened ?  Does mighty America still need the Island for its war on terror covert operations ? Sad .

  2. Bienvenue parmi nous Fatima.

    As for the Chagossians, I tought so as well but the ruling was not in their favor. They were scacrificed for the sake of a natural reserve.