Friday, February 19, 2010

Huh– only about half of U.S. Democrats have favorable view of Israel

New Gallup poll(posted below) on Americans’ view of other countries. Canada the most popular, god only knows why. And Israel comes in 5th at 67 percent favorable rating. But when the #s are broken down, 80 percent of Republicans have a favorable view, but only 53 percent of Dems!! And the lower in age you go, the lower Israel’s favorability.

"Americans’ views of the official governing body of the Palestinian people — the Palestinian Authority — have been decidedly negative over the years. However, there was a slight improvement in views over the past year, from 15% viewing the Palestinian Authority favorably in 2009 (and just 11% after the Hamas group won the Palestinian elections in 2006) to 20% today.

Favorability toward the Palestinian Authority was quite low for most of the Bush administration, except for February 2005, when the two sides had just announced an informal truce during Mideast peace talks.


  1. Only about half of the Democrats have a favorable view, but MOST of the Democratic senators and Congressmen vote strictly  for Israel's interests time and again.

  2. The sad truth..

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    "To find the source of a problem, ignore the excuses and follow the buck."(Larry Gambone). An explanation of the disconnect between democrat voters and their "representatives"?