Saturday, February 20, 2010

Israelis claim they invented drip irrigation..( and falafel of course!)

"Yesterday, Ethan Bronner did his post to carry, word for word, propaganda claims by Israel. (See below). He attributed drip irrigation to an Israeli "breakthrough" (the only Israeli breakthroughs that I know are massacres). Comrade Rami sent me his response: "On that other issue of israelis (or americans) having invented drip irrigation, the book "علم الملاحة في علم الفلاحة" by Abdul Ghani al Nabulsi, 1050-1143 hejri refers to a method of drip irrigation using large clay vessels with a small opening at the bottom from which water drips gently. The vessels are placed near trees to irrigate them without wasting precious water. They are refilled as needed."
(From the Angry Arab)

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  1. Jews claim the rights to many inventions and things in modern histories. Interestingly enough you have made the same mistake when in fact the Chinese were the first to utilize the method of irrigation during the first century and then later the Germans during the 18th century made great innovations to the Chinese method of drip irrigation. Check your facts and don't be a Jew.