Saturday, February 20, 2010

“Israel is not a normal country”

"A fascinating exchange between Norman Finkelstein and Israeli spokesman and former adviser to Ariel Sharon Raanan Gissan on Russia Today.

The interview really speaks for itself but it’s worth noting the continual need for Gissan to claim that the Jewish people have a biblical claim over Palestine (“for 3000 years”) and this therefore justifies Israeli actions."


  1. Dr. Finkelsien is always very consistent and methodical in his approach,  whereas it contrasts with a nut like Gissan who thinks he can route every argument with yelling and shouting nonsense.  Israelis like Gissan need to be put in an institution for the insane,  they do not need to be spokepeople in power in a country.

  2. LOL, I have to wonder if this interview shows some anti-Israel bias on the part of the RT people...I mean they really chose a certifiable nut job to speak for the Israeli side!!!  Catch the way he descends into outright gibberish at the very end, babbling about some general in Afghanistan ...Talk about a way to discredit a particular POV -- Not that I'm complaining... 8-) OTOH maybe you have to be a raving lunatic to take up the Israeli side these days.