Thursday, February 25, 2010

Extremist Settlers Takeover Archaeology in Palestine

Tim McGirk, writing for Time in Jerusalem, exposes the takeover of archeaeology in Israel/Palestine by extremist settlers for ideological reasons.

"The Jerusalem syndrome is a psychological disorder in which a visit to the holy city triggers delusional and obsessive religious fantasies. In its extreme variety, people wander the lanes of the Old City believing they are biblical characters; John the Baptist, say, or a brawny Samson, sprung back to life."


  1. Do you have to be Jewish to report on Israel for the New York Times?

    Jonathan Cook
    "Last week, when suspicion for the assassination in Dubai started to fall on the Mossad, a newspaper editor emailed to ask if I could ring up my “Israeli security contacts” for fresh leads. It was a reminder that Western correspondents in Israel are expected to have such contacts. The point was underlined later the same day when I spoke with a leftwing Israeli academic to get his take on Mabhouh’s killing. I had turned to this Ashkenazi professor because he counts many veterans of the security services as friends. At the end of the interview, I asked him if he had any suggestions for people in the security services I might speak with. He replied: “Talk to Eitan Bronner. He has excellent contacts.” Naively, I asked how I could reach this expert on the veiled world of the Israeli security establishment. Was he employed at the professor’s university? “No, ring the New York Times bureau,” he responded increduously. Oh, that “Eitan”!

  2. I call this Naboth's vinyard syndrome,  it is a classical biblical story about the abuse of power.  Where the said King Ahab wanted the vinyard of Naboth,  where this leads to Naboths death by deception of false witness.  The only question there is today,  is where is the prophet to denouce what is happening? 

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    I'm having some trouble with your site. It brings my computer to a halt.. Not freezing as such , just very long time waiting for it to load and I mean very long time. I thought it was something with my computer but I tried from work and it did the same thing.. Any ideas? I'm really annoyed.

  4. Actually, I've just tried accessing it and it's was remarkably quick ,go figure.

  5. Strange indeed. I was thinking maybe videos or a lot of them slow down a computer.