Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hebron (Al Khalil) in 1990 and now..Nazi settlers' terror reigns supreme

Top: Shuhada street's market place in 1990
Below: Shuhada street today..Shops closed and Nazi signs. Settlers' terror reigns supreme.
(Photos B'Tselem)


  1. <p><span><span>For centuries
    I did not hate
    But now
    I am forced to raise my untiring spear
    In the face of the dragon,
    To draw a sword of fire
    In the face of Baal
    To become Elijah in the twentieth century.

    For centuries
    I did not turn visitors
    Away from my door
    Then one morning I opened my eyes
    To find my food stolen
    My wife strangled
    And my child's back a field of wounds.
    I recognized my treacherous guests.
    I planted mines and daggers at my door
    And I swore by the traces of the knife
    That none of these guests shall enter my house
    In the twentieth century.</span></span>
    </p><p><span><span>         Palestinain poet </span><span>Sameeh al-Qassem</span></span></p>

  2. The serenity and peace of death

  3. V?

    I thought you flew that plane into the IRS building.  Sure sounded like your manifesto...

  4. Hate is immoral. Jesus said to love thy enemy.

  5. Sure,  and i have nothing to say to the idiotic,  I have already said to much