Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wiesel scored $500,000 for speech to congregation of Hagee, a Holocaust revisionist

For delivering a single speech to Hagee’s congregation, Wiesel received a check for $500,000 toward his foundation, according to Marita Styrsky, the wife of Christians United for Israel Eastern Regional Director Victor Styrsky (Christians United is Hagee’s lobbying arm). So Wiesel got his money and Hagee got a photo with a Nobel Prize-winning Holocaust survivor. Everybody went home happy.


  1. <span>Elie Wiesel, Moral Mercenary  
    "Did you know morality is for sale?  No?  Well, as far as Elie Wiesel is concerned it is.  If the Palestinians had $500,000 THEY might find moral favor in Elie’s eyes as well.  You see, since Bernie Madoff blew Wiesel’s foundation assets, I guess he’s found a need to sell his scruples to the highest bidder.  Last year that would’ve been John Hagee, before whose Christians United for Israel conference Wiesel pronounced the anti-Semite and homophobe his “dear pastor” (see video):"  
    Tikun Olam</span>

  2. Oh my, that is rather creepy.

  3. Dialogue with a Man who Hates Me

    My grandparents were burnt in
    My heart is with them, but remove
    the chains from my body.
    What's in your hand?
    A handful of seeds.
    Anger colours your face.
    That's the colour of the earth.
    Mould your sword into a ploughshare.
    You've left no land.
    You are a criminal!
    I killed not, I murdered not,
    I oppressed not!
    You are an Arab, you are a dog!
    O Man, May God cure your soul.
    Why don't you try the taste of love
    Why don't you make way for the sun!

    Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish

  4. Here is what I posted on this disgusting turn of events on Mondo -

    I can’t think of a worse fate than being stuck in an elevator with Wiesel during a power outage. There is nothing more cynical than a Holocaust industry freak who shows that he does not give a damn by what he does, to cheapen the tragedy, by supporting inflicting like pain on other innocents. Building “monuments” on the bleached bones of other victims, and erecting colonial settlements in view of ethnically cleansed victims.

    I just have one question – did he get tears in his eyes when he got his check from that antisemitic bastard Hagee? Just asking because I refuse to subject myself to listening or watching this whining shyster.