Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quote of the day

"Through the political debate taking place within Israel, we discover time and again that many Israelis refuse to reconcile themselves to a basic historical truth, which apparently threatens the sense of national justice many of them were raised and educated with: "The Palestinians are natives of this land and have been living here for generations
( Actually for 1400 years, since the Muslim conquest in 630, at the very least-tgia), while the vast majority of Israelis are the descendents (sic) of immigrants who arrived here under various circumstances over the slightly more than past 100 years.

Dror Etkes; Ynetnews, 10 April 2007.(Why can Jewish National Fund land be leased to non-Jewish immigrants, but not to Arabs?)

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  1. You cannot have a genocide without completely removing the footprint of the indigenous population.  This is how it is always done with settler states.  You tell lies about the indigenous,  and you make up fairy tales about the colonial entourage.