Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Please stop blaming the "Jews"..You don't want to cause a second Holocaust, do you?

Abe Foxman: Don't blame the Jews

"Israel should immediately battle a charge emerging in the US that its actions are endangering the lives of US soldiers, because it is a particularly “pernicious” argument that “smacks of blaming the Jews for everything,” Anti-Defamation League National Chairman Abe Foxman said on Monday.

Foxman, in an interview with The Jerusalem Post, was replying to an emerging theme that has run through the public discussion in the US of the Interior Ministry’s announcement of plans to build 1,600 housing units in northeast Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood: that Israel’s actions could cost the lives of American soldiers."
As one commenter on the article put it: Nice try, Foxman, but no cigar.

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  1. I'm not blaming the Jews per se. I'm blaming Israel. But I guess if all Jews agree with Israel's housing expansion at the expense of trying to improve relations with Palestinians then the distinction doesn't apply. They voted Netanutter into Government so it's a case of making your own bed and having to lie in it. It's pretty obvious that if America takes Israel's side in this they are putting themselves in harm's way. It's also obvious that Israel has no long-term future as a homeland for Jews if it continues on its present course. Arguments such as "The 3,000 Year Covenant" and "Remember The Holocaust" are not going to swing it.