Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear people of America..Give money to help us make the desert bloom


  1. Very somber pictures set next to each other.  Showing that these people would rather tear down an enture area to populate if with trees,  and calling ethnic cleansing "beautification."  Only later to repopulate it with "acceptable" people. 

  2. The path to peace:
    First, eliminate the illegal settlements.  Not just stop building, but eliminate.  Settlers can negotiate to live in the area as equals to the Palestinians, without the walls and Jewish-only roads.Second, begin to integrate the areas -- "Israel" and the rest of occupied Palestine.  Equal and democratic rights for all citizens.Third, open talks aimed at resolving grievances.  In South Africa they were called Truth and Reconciliation committees, something like that.  Through this, determine how Palestinians can be either returned to the homes they were driven from since 1948 (or whenever) or given some compensation.