Tuesday, March 16, 2010

EEOC Finds Bias in NYC Firing Arab School Principal, Almontaser

(Debbie Almontaser pictured in 2007, before her removal as Khalil Gribran Academy principal)
"A federal commission has determined that New York City’s Department of Education discriminated against the founding principal of an Arabic-language public school by forcing her to resign in 2007 following a storm of controversy driven by opponents of the school.

Acting on a complaint filed last year by the principal, Debbie Almontaser, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that the department “succumbed to the very bias that creation of the school was intended to dispel and a small segment of the public succeeded in imposing its prejudices on D.O.E. as an employer,” according to a letter issued by the commission on Tuesday."

The commission said that the department had discriminated against Ms. Almontaser, a Muslim of Yemeni descent, “on account of her race, religion and national origin.”


  1. Iread that the "Islamaphobes" are still ranting and refusing the settlement,  they need to be totally undone in a court of law since they persist in their racist rants.

  2. Let's see if she gets re-instated.