Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crimean war blunders ended English oligarchy (and the Iraq war?)

By Philip Weiss
I like to collect examples of liberal western regimes that have been brought down by great errors. For instance, the third French republic, intimately tied into the Catholic church, collapsed after the Dreyfus case, in part because of the antisemitic accusation. And the blueblood WASP ruling class dissolved in our country in the 1970s, in part because it had made such a terrible mistake with Vietnam. An order of birth came to an end.
Of course I am building a case that the order that followed, the meritocracy–the neoliberal/neoconservative regime of globalist Rhodes scholars and testtakers–is going to implode because of Iraq. That’s why they’re hanging on to the war ideology so. That’s why the Washington Post publishes neocons and the Times publishes Zionist warrior Efraim Karsh; because even the liberals are implicated in the disaster and are trying to preserve their place.


  1. The great resistance movement by the Iraqi people to free Iraq from the evil Saddam 1980-2003 was about Iraq and Iraqis; it wasn't primarily about foreigners.

    A succesful and free Iraq will transform the middle east for the better. Every Arab country, with the partial exception of Lebonon is less free and less democratic than Iraq.

    Maybe Iraqis, in their compassion, with liberate the Arab people from their worthless good for nothing dictators.

  2. anan,do you have a minimum of curiosity? If so,  read the article for once and comment on it.. We value your opinion but only when it's related to something..Otherwise it's just verbal diarrhea..

  3. The article doesn't even talk about Iraq, only in passing!!!