Friday, February 12, 2010

‘Times’ troika of Keller, Hoyt & Bronner were involved in earlier conflict-of-interest

In September 2007 The New York Times ran a large profile of diamond merchant Lev Leviev, written by former Israeli government spokesman Zev Chafets. The piece somehow completely failed to mention Leviev’s investments in building several settlements on the West Bank that are illegal under international law.

Disturbed by the puff-piece, Adalah NY, which has conducted a boycott against Leviev precisely because of this illegal-settlement activity, sent a courteous and informative letter to Times management urging the paper to cover Leviev’s activities "which the public deserves to know." It got no response.
But the story doesn't end there. Check the article. Edifying!

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  1. <span><span>A commenter on Mondo provides an additional yet very disturbing information !    
    In March of 2004 Cindy Corrie’s oped piece calling for a U.S. led investigation into Rachel’s death was accepted by the New York Times and was to run in the Saturday edition on the first anniversary of Rachel’s death. A snag occurred when the editor insisted that a line about tunnels be placed in the piece. The retort was that there were no tunnels under the Samir home. ( Per the Israeli military, they were doing ground straightening work when Rachel was killed.) The Times replied that there had to be a line about tunnels. The piece would not run if there was not a line about tunnels. In the spirit of cooperation and a desire to be published Cindy responded that she would add a line about tunnels provided she was given enough space to explain tunnels. The Times refused. They would give her no additional space for such an explanation.    
    Her piece ran in the Boston Globe:
    Should we expect Times coverage of the Rachel Corrie trial that begins in Haifa next month?</span></span>