Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm reposting this because we have someone here with a short attention span and possibly, even certainly, a severe comprehension problem

Desmond Travis (co-author of the Goldstone report): Israel created the myth of Hamas using human shields
Desmond Travis – We found no evidence for the human shield phenomenon but, to be honest, I did expect to come across it.
HC – So who made these allegations (against Hamas) in the first place?
DT – The Israelis.
I hope this will do though I doubt it..But hell! We can always try!


  1. Thanks for posting. Just read the full version of:

    To clarify, I know of no evidence that the Hamas political or senior military leadership authorized the use of human shields.

    However, it remains possible that individual Hamas fighters used human shields without higher level authorization.

    Israelis are required under the rules of war to wear uniforms when fighting. Appears that the IDF broke the rules of war.

    Hamas also violated international law in its repression of individual Gazans without due process.

    Hamas would sometimes claim that someone was a Fatah or Israeli collaborator. Often this was just an excuse to arrest or intimidate people they didn't like.

    Fatah did similar things in the West Bank, accusing people of being Hamas collaborators.

    Looks like Israel, Fatah/Palestinian Authority and Hamas broke international law.

  2. I thought you were going to say a severe constipation problem, tgia. heehe

  3. Anan,  I think I can solve you're problem.  Perhaps if I shove your head even further up you ass,  you will not be able to find your keyboard and write such tripe - especially like you have some fucking conviction,  like you really know what is going on. 

  4. ZID
    <span>Today :
    "However, it remains <span>possible</span> that individual Hamas fighters used human shields without higher level authorization"  
    <span>"Hamas fighters <span>used</span> Gazan civilians as Human shields. The Hamas fighters <span>were</span> scared of getting killed; and moreover the Hamas chain of command <span>was</span> damaged and no longer controlled its militia."   
    Which is it , you're lying piece of dead shit ??</span>

  5. <span>"Hamas would sometimes claim that someone was a Fatah or Israeli collaborator. <span>Often this was</span> just an excuse to arrest or intimidate people they didn't like.  "</span>

    Shithead really knows

  6. anan
    Did you read the Goldstone report?

  7. No, I haven't read the Goldstone report.

    TGIA, don't mean to offend everyone.

    During the Gaza war, Hamas fighters quickly evacuated police stations and government buildings, because they were subject to Israeli attack. Individual Hamas fighters hid in civilian houses to avoid being killed by the IDF.

    This is illegal under international law. This is the definition of "human shields." It was also illegal for Hamas fighters to wear civilian clothes while fighting the IDF. Several did.

    Because the IDF disrupted the Hamas army's chain of command and senior leadership, it is unclear how much of this was authorized by the chain of command; and how much was scared individual fighters hiding out however they could; and wearing civilian clothing in an attempt to stay alive.

    The IDF also broke international law with their plain clothes special forces and by the nature of their targeting of Palestinians.

    So have the Palestinian Authority's National Security Forces (NSF) in their mistreatment of West Bank Palestinians and their discrimination against political opponents.

    For that matter from TGIA's reporting, Israelis regularly mistreat their own citizens--including Palestinian Israelis and Arab Jews. This too is illegal.

    Israel, Hamas and the PA have all broken international law.

    What about this statement is offensive?

    Hasn't Legal I on this very blog criticized Hamas many times? Tony frequently attacks Hamas for their crimes against Palestinians. I don't remember Tony defending Hamas when I attacked them on his blog.

  8. <span>No, I haven't read the Goldstone report. </span>
    <span> </span>-------------
    I guessed so.
    You made my point. Thanks.

  9. <span>So how do you know this, what you said, is what has happened..What is your source?</span>

  10. <span>
    <p><span>"TGIA, don't mean to offend everyone."</span>
    </p><p><span>You're truly unbelievable , you'll never get the point. It's a simple question that keeps popping with almost every comment you make. WERE DID YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION FROM ? It's not in the Goldstone report , and the interview you've claimed you read contradicts what you're saying , you repeat the same allegations you made on a different post , so you must know something we don't ,why not share the source ?. This how you're been offensive and not by criticising Hamas or who ever else, surely you must understand the difference between criticism and accusation and what's more without offering any evidence not matter how feeble it is. So I too , ask you for your evidence since as I mentioned before both Goldstone and  <span>Desmond Travis refuted these allegations. TELL US HOW YOU KNOW THIS AS A FACT.</span></span>
    </p><p>BTW . You can criticise Hamas as much as you like , that will be subject for discussion and you ability to prove your point. BUT FOR NOW PROVE US , GOLDSTONE, AND <span>Desmond Travis ALL WRONG </span>

  11. That's a good question, what are your sources, Anan?