Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Angry Arab gets the most dubious of honors

What do you do when you are mentioned in the blog of the worst writer on the Middle East in the entire world? I mean, that. You need to research this website and see what I have written about this man: Jeffrey Goldberg, who proudly served in the Israeli occupation forces. The man was an occupation jailer of the inhabitants and owners of the land of Palestine....."

"There is an old Arabic saying by `Ali Bin Abi Talib in Nahju Al-Balaghah which says: I have never argued with a reasonable man and did not defeat him, but I never argued with an ignorant man who did not defeat me. So I would in no way argue with somebody whose Middle East training amounts to training in the Israeli occupation army. As for the charge of zealotry: I stand guilty. I am a zealot when it comes to secularism, women's right, reason, the belief in sciences and not quackery, the belief in the abolishment of capitalism and the end of poverty, the principled opposition to Zionism in all its deadly forms (paper forms or land forms), the belief in the goal of liberating all of Palestine and the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes, the belief in socialism and in anarchist critiques of the state--the state in itself. On all those principles I am a zealot--proudly. With somebody who volunteered in an occupation army and who served as a jailer for the natives of the land, there should be no arguments. Trials would be in order, not arguments. (thanks Olivia)"

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