Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Health professionals observe a raise of mutations at birth in Gaza

Ramallah. Health professionals have observed a raise of mutations at birth in Gaza, since the Israeli offensive last year.

One of these, is a story of a child born at the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. The child was born with severe congenital malformations, such as his face, eyes, short stature, flattened nose, reddish-brownish skin discoloration, short limbs with feet and toes severely curled towards the inside in a similar shape to that in gorillas.


  1. this is so infuriating!!!

  2. Immagine if this was a jewish child from a settlement  ,and the cause is one of Hamas's  firecrackers,  wonder what would the reaction be !

  3. What could cause this?

    What international agencies and NGOs are conducting scientific studies to determine what might be causing birth defects?

  4. <span><span>"What could cause this? "</span> 
    ZID It's probably eating too much sweet.</span>