Monday, December 31, 2012

US out of Africa!

There are atrocities against our brothers & sisters around the world that are just too unspeakable to take in. It’s easier to turn the damn television on & watch soap operas or drown it out with celebrity gossip. These shackled prisoners accused of murder are  housed in South Sudan’s Rumbek Central Prison in overcrowded cells without basic health care (that means their open sores, fevers, & contagious diseases go untreated); sanitation (that means no place to go the toilet); or food (that means they’re starving & malnourished); & most significantly, without access to legal counsel (that means they’re stuck there for years). Arbitrary detention is common in the new country of South Sudan according to even establishment human rights groups like Human Rights Watch. That means a young homeless kid can be picked up & charged with homicide when he was just poor, a displaced person, the victim of US, Israeli, & World Bank predation. Racism, racism, racism is the ugly weapon used against these young people. Coming to grips with our international responsibilities for the young victims of neoliberal predation is the sine qua non of human justice & human decency. Otherwise all our homilies about children being the future are just blah blah blah.

This is the geographic area George Clowney is lobbying for US military intervention. The US is already up to its eyeballs in fomenting human misery in the area. Our demand is, US out of Africa, US out of South Sudan! And while we’re at it, why not call for dismantling the entire US war machine!  (Photo by Dai Kurokawa/EPA)

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