Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lowbrow magazine makes war criminal "Person of the Year"

Lots of magazines hand out “Man of the Year” awards & most of them go to pretty-boy movie stars. They’re the equivalent of People magazines “Sexiest Man of the Year” & the Nobel Peace Prize in terms of value. Time magazine, a useless & lowbrow news source if there ever was one, gave the award this year to Obama but, of course, it’s only so the editor can wrangle an invite to a state dinner or two & feel like he’s important hobnobbing with politicians, movie stars, court minions, & other bores.

Meanwhile our 2012 Person of the Year continues to conduct wars & bombing sieges in several countries since being an international mass murderer is no impediment to being honored by Time. The question is raised why they didn’t name Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School, as a co-winner?

Our man Obama is going to leave the White House with an entire arsenal of those damn awards except for the one he wants most: People magazines “Sexiest Man of the Year” award. Apparently he hasn’t yet invited the editor to dine at the White House. But a smooth operator like Obama can soon fix that. He wouldn’t consider such an award too demeaning; after all, George Clowney doesn’t & they’re pals. A man who isn’t squeamish about sanctioning torture & bombing innocent civilians may not be sexy to most but greasing some palms will make him look dashing to the editor of People magazine.

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