Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Betty Windsor & her minions

What is not to love about this photo!? Cameron is catching flies with his mouth, which are the only things worthwhile to come in or out of it--ever; Betty is trying to suppress flatulence (such dignities are not something she’s accustomed to); & the other assembled halfwits are trying to pretend they haven’t noticed Betty’s flatulence problems. If they don’t grimace, it’s off with their heads! So they giggle it up, pretend all’s well, & they can continue to impose misery on the kingdom. You know, the US aint swell; it can be a living hell to be dissident in the imperial heartland but everyday I wake up & thank my lucky stars I wasn’t born under a moochocracy as well as an imperialist empire. I don’t envy you, England! At least we have the pretense of modernity--whatever the hell that means!

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