Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Following the UN vote, the Dalu family calls for the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel

IMG 1961
The Dalu home is obliterated and neighbor buildings are uninhabitable, December 3, 2012.
(Photo: Tiffany Ornelas de Tool)
On November 18, 2012, the Dalu family, huddled at home, waited for the war that surrounded them to end. Like everyone else in Gaza, they had nowhere to run. At 2:30PM, without warning, an Israeli missile flattened the entire building, killing all ten occupants and two from the building adjacent. Not only was the building destroyed, but the bomb carved out a deep crater where the home had been. It took four days of searching through the rubble for rescuers to find the bodies of the ten family members and two neighbors.

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